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In an age long forgotten, the Evil King Candy summoned his court Wizard, and commanded him to create a Candy of Power.

The Candy Wizard labored in his tower for thirteen days. On the fourteenth, he brought the candy before the Evil King. The king was pleased with the Wizard's work. The candy would grant the king eternal life, allowing him to rule his kingdom forever.

The Evil King Candy feared that others, having heard of the wizard's invention, would attempt to create their own Candy of Power. The king's fear drove him to lock away the wizard...

For an untold time, The Evil King Candy ruled the kingdom with an iron first. Anyone who made any mention of candy was thrown in the dungeon, never to be heard from again.

Many years had passed. Seeing the terrible acts the King was committing, the wizard used the last of his essence to craft a magical scroll. It was known as the Apple Scroll, that whosoever possessed it, should they be worthy, would have the power to restore freedom to the land. With his dying breath, he wizard summoned his familiar to take the scroll and hide it away until such a time someone worthy would discover it.

The wizard's familiar left clues, protected by Ancient Guardians pointing to the location of the scroll.

Prove your worth to the Ancient Guardians, and the Apple Scroll will be yours! It will then be up to you to use its power to overthrow the Evil King Candy!

Published Jan 31, 2014
Tagscandy, candyjam, jam


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